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Law Offices of India is an international law firm providing strategic, innovative and comprehensive legal services to our clients. Our practice areas cover the entire gamut of corporate and commercial laws. Firm’s offices are located in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru and Mumbai. The firm has Best Friends Agreement with Howard Kennedy, London, U.K., Rebecca J. Lockwood –Barrister & Solicitor – Toronto & Ontario, Canada and Studio Legale Sidoti & Soci at Palermo & Padova, Italy. We also work with Auzworld in Australia, which is a premium immigration agency and with many top law firms in the USA, Singapore and other jurisdictions.

Law Offices of India is research based firm and members have in-depth knowledge and experience in their respective fields. We believe in closely understanding the problems of the client and solving them with a unique combination of legal and practical expertise. The team has been chosen carefully based on their skills to be able to provide one stop solution. We provide high quality personalized services by working with our clients in close association.

Law Offices of India, in particular, has considerable expertise in dealing with the Indian Government, which still retains some control over investment and business activities in India. To serve the regulatory needs of its clients, the firm works with many consultants who have held Senior Government positions in various Ministries.

We also recognize our duty towards public at large and members of firm have consistently taken up important issues relating public at large in the field of environment and human rights, by taking matter of national public importance, such as restrictions on unsolicited marketing calls, depletion of ground water level in the State of Haryana and many other important issues which have serious impact on humans life and environment. We also support numerous Public Interest Litigations and Charitable Organizations by dedicating time, talent and financial resources to improve our communities and help those in need.

We are privileged to represent a wide spectrum of clients that include many fortune 500 companies, which include government and private companies. The firm’s clientele extends across India and many foreign jurisdictions. Many of our team members have studied and worked in different countries, which equips them with invaluable insight into understanding cultural needs and nuances of their client’s legal requirements.

International Relations

Law Offices Of India
has "Best Friend Arrangements" with

  • Howard Kennedy, – London, U.K.
  • Rebecca J. Lockwood –Barrister & Solicitor - Toronto, Canada
  • Studio Legale Sidoti & Soci at Palermo & Padova, Italy
  • Auzworld – Australia

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